“The best combinations ever created to burn fat fast?” Really? Let’s take a look at the Challenge Burpee program to see if it is any good.

Exercise routines are constantly being tweaked and played around with in order to maximize results. Each individual has varying fitness goals, but a common set of exercises are always included in their workout programs. The burpee is one such exercise that is commonly used in workout programs as a “bang for your buck” type movement. Why is it given such a moniker? The moniker comes from the ability to target a range of muscles and the cardiovascular system at the same time.

Challenge Burpee

Challenge Burpee Workout Program by Shawna Kaminiski

Shawna Kaminski has come out with a program that includes burpees into a wholesome workout because of their overall effect. Let’s take a look at how effective this particular program is and whether it live up to the hype. Click here to learn more about the actual program.

Beginning with the positives, it is important to understand the overall effect of the burpee. What muscles does it target? The burpee is designed to target a range of muscles including the chest, legs, shoulders, and triceps. This wide range of muscles ensures the body is being maximized with each movement.

Several fitness specialists believe the burpee is an exceptional exercise. They believe the ability for the burpee to not only target muscle, but also one’s endurance is impeccable.

With Shawna Kaminski’s program, the promise is to rigorously train an individual with only this movement. They will continually become better at this movement and notice strength and cardio development.

Variety of Burpees?

This challenge understands one of the most common fears that are associated with one movement type programs. Does the Shawna K program provide a little variation to help keep things interesting for the individual working out?

At the moment, there are 21 variations listed out for this particular program. This means the burpee will be performed in numerous ways in order to target the most number of muscles in one time.

Here is one an example of a burpee.

Ever got stuck in a rut during a workout program? This is where this challenge can be implemented in order to strength the body’s overall ability. A lot of athletes are seen incorporating programs like this as they take a rest day or two from their daily routine. It becomes an exceptional supplemental routine more than anything else.

It is important to understand the body’s requirements in such situations. Are those plateaus starting to take a toll on the mind? Would it be better to implement a new angle of exercises such as burpees into the program? A lot of athletes believe it is helpful and do go forward with this program once in a while.

Good for Beginners

This is something that should be taken into consideration while mulling over a workout out program for beginners. Burpees are an easier movement to complete and modifications can be made in order to make them easier.

This program is exceptional for beginners because it is hardcore, but does not become over complicated for those who are just beginning. The results will still be impacting without leaving the beginner frustrated with a host of new terms and movements that are hard to implement. This is an added bonus of using this workout program to start seeing results both in the short and long-term.

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Negatives to the Program

The program is not perfect. The first issue becomes with the level of boredom one might feel. Burpees might be a fascinating exercise, but they can get boring and frustrating in a hurry.

Yes, Shawna K does try to alleviate this boredom by including a series of variations, but are they enough? For most individuals, it might get frustrating after a short while as the same program is done on repeat.

Another issue revolves around some of the muscles that are not being worked out as heavily. Yes, the biceps might be targeted in a minimal manner, but it won’t be enough. This workout program is more for general fitness and strength gains, but not isolated gains. An individual that is looking to get that extra mass might have to look elsewhere.

It’s not as effective on it’s own as a workout program. This is a concern for those who do not have time to go out and purchase other options. While, results will be noticeable with this program, one won’t be able to maximize strength gains without doing other activities such as weight lifting or including other compound movements (pull ups, push ups, chin ups etc).

Concluding Thoughts

In general, any workout program will generate positive results for the individual working out. The exercises in this workout program are not extraordinary, but they are tough enough to create results.

If an individual is able to tough it out mentally in relation with boredom and frustration, this program is a great ‘one movement’ workout system. It will generate results as long as the intensity is maintained throughout the program.

To learn more about the program, please visit Shawna’s official Challenge Burpee website.